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Vice Principal Academic – IAT, Al Ain

Job Summary

Institute of Applied Technology is seeking a Vice Principal Academic to assist the Principal in providing high quality leadership to the teaching team at an IAT site. The Vice Principal Academic is responsible of the delivery of the academic program and related academic matters on campus. The VP Academic supervises Lead Teachers, provides guidance, ensures curriculum delivery as instructed by the Curriculum and Assessment Unit and oversees assessment process integrity. The VP Academic may represent the Principal in his/her absence in the Academic Council.

  • Exercise leadership by taking personal responsibility for managing the teaching team
  • Hold responsibility and accountability for activities, day to day operations and all academic affairs of the school
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of IAT’s curriculum and project planning with the teaching team
  • Foster a learning environment where every team member is encouraged to provide ideas and suggestions leading to continuous improvement of local teaching and learning practices
  • Encourage alignment of IAT Teaching, Learning and Assessment practices with instructional and delivery method to meet performance improvement standards.
  • Actively support the development of inter-disciplinary collaboration between teams of teachers
  • Supervise instructional programs, evaluate lesson plans and observe classes on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on learning and child growth and development
  • Ensure that the instructional programs engage the learners in tasks that require analytical and critical thinking, questioning the known, problem solving and creativity, and that the programs address learners’ needs, interests, and skill levels
  • Supervise Lead Teachers and teaching staff for the purpose of monitoring performance, and achieving overall objectives of school curriculum
  • Ensure that personnel evaluation procedures are accomplished in a fair and consistent manner that encourages accountability, growth, and excellence, in accordance with IAT policies and requirements
  • Observe teachers, hold follow up conferences and maintain records on suggestions for needed improvement
  • Develop with individual teaching staff members a Professional Improvement Plan (PIP) when needed
  • Recommend opportunities for effective staff development that address the needs of the instructional program and needs of the staff, including workshops, conferences, visitations, and sessions in which the staff shares successful practices and strategies
  • Provides leadership in teaching techniques, innovation and class organization
  • Liaise with the Curriculum and Assessment Unit to provide up to date information on curriculum development, program evaluation, allocation of instructional materials and resources, and ensuring the proper delivery of the curriculum
  • Review the grades for System Wide assessments and Final Examinations before submission to the Assessment Unit
  • Coordinate and facilitate the development of the master schedule and oversee scheduling process, selection of courses, sections, and teacher schedules
  • Assist in the process of interviewing, evaluating, and selecting new staff members
  • Assist in the development and presentation of parent information and conference evening programs
  • Maintain a clear distinction between personal values and professional ethics
  • Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary system of the Institute
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, families, and the community to support the learning environment
  • Uphold the Institute’s code of conduct and all school policies
  • Undertake such other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Institute
  • Assume responsibility for the operation of the Institute in the absence of the Principal.
Required Skills
  • Applicants should possess a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering with a Teaching qualification.
  • Minimum of 5 years successful teaching experience and 2 years as a vice principal or school principal
  • It is essential you have good experience at a senior leadership level such as Assistant Head/Principal level.
  • Academic IELTS Band 7 (For non native English Speakers)
  • IC3 Computer cerificate


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