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Senior Accountant

Job Summary

  • Contribute to the development of the Support Services Division’s strategic objectives and plan by compiling inputs and feedback
  • Contribute to the implementation of the operational plan for the Division in line with the overall support services strategy
  • Assist in the periodic review of existing support services policies and procedures to achieve operational efficiency and in line with DCD strategic policies and procedures



  • Develop accounts and financial reports in accordance with the guidelines and criteria set by the Finance and Contracts Section, DCD Finance function, the Ministry of Finance and any international accounting standards as appropriate
  • Conduct reviews, verify vendors’ invoices and review summary wage reports
  • Prepare information and data to internal auditors and external auditors to assist them in their work
  • Prepare and initiate plans for the management of fixed assets, and maintain a database to accurately record their values at all times
  • Conduct evaluations of assets based on depreciation rates, and include results in the fixed assets registers
  • Process payments to vendors and submit them for validation in the system to the finance team
  • Perform the periodical bank reconciliations with TSA (Treasury Single Account) and submit them to the relevant teams
  • Prepare and document end-of-term closing accounts, and register all transactions in the general ledger
  • Implement all salaries related processes such as payroll, benefits, full and final adjustments, pension payments to all employees, and ensure its timely and accurate disbursement
  • Develop and maintain accurate and effective payroll systems and procedures and issue payroll reports to relevant stakeholders
  • Coordinate with third parties on payroll problems, and ensure that reports on the various problems are transmitted to the concerned parties
  • Identify areas for improvement in terms of payroll operations, use of technology etc., and take appropriate actions required to implement the necessary adjustments
  • Liaise with division and section heads to support in the development of their function’s budgets and submit the consolidated budget for review
  • Prepare budget allocation templates and liaise with the strategy team to finalize budget allocations for approval with SSA management
  • Report any actual or projected budget deviations and recommend corrective action
  • Highlight any discrepancies compared to planned spending activities and obtain justifications from budget owners
  • Identify and escalate any irregularities or issues to the relevant governing authority
  • Perform any other tasks as directed by management
  • Develop periodic reports and analyze data whenever requested by management to support in the decision-making
  • Report any operational risks or obstacles facing the achievement of the Section’s objectives, and recommend corrective actions to reduce operational downtime and ensure targets are met on time


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