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Marketing Manager

job Summary

Responsibilities include the oversight of all aspects of the University’s marketing and communications efforts to develop, implement, evaluate, and refine a comprehensive marketing communications initiative. The person will direct the daily activities of the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communication in support of an integrated marketing communications plan to achieve maximum impact with various constituencies. The person will use innovative marketing strategies to contribute to the attainment of various University priorities, including, but not limited to, enrollment, relationship building, and fund raising. The manager will lead, motivate, supervise, and evaluate the team to promote a consistent, professional, and future-oriented image for the University. Additionally, the person will develop and implement an advertising plan; plan, arrange and manage all publicity-related special events; plan for and manage the budget to support the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communication and oversee staff in implementing programs to reach University short- and long-term goals, including:

  • University promotion to the media and influential parties;
  • Advertising and outreach to build the University’s reputation;
  • Developing, designing, and writing print and electronic collateral materials to assert the University’s strengths;
  • Consistently reinforcing University messages across all media and to all audiences;
  • Consistently reinforcing and protecting the University brand;
  • Developing and supporting special events that showcase University programs and accomplishments.


  • Masters in related field
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in English is a must
  • Detail oriented
  • Team oriented
  • Able to multitask under pressure


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