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Legal Advisor

Job Summary

  • Contribute to the development of the Strategic Affairs Division’s strategic objectives and plan by compiling inputs and feedback
  • Contribute to the implementation of the operational plan for the Division in line with the overall strategic affairs strategy
  • Assist in the periodic review of existing strategic affairs policies and procedures to achieve operational efficiency and in line with strategic policies and procedure



  • Collaborate with all organizational units on legal matters of concern to them
  • Develop risk management strategies for identified legal risks to reduce the risk exposure of SSA and provide relevant guidance on complex situations
  • Monitor and ensure the mitigation of legal risks in the different organizational units in accordance with the agreed risk profile of SSA
  • Negotiate drafted contracts and reviewed contracts developed by counter parties for different agreements to preserve the interests of SSA
  • Conduct reviews of specific and complicated beneficiary cases and provide a legal input on them
  • Conduct analysis of legal issues and formulate the best solutions or approaches to deal with them
  • Develop agreements and MOUs between by SSA and other parties (governmental, private, etc.)
  • Develop memos, legislations and decisions raised to the Cabinet and to Abu Dhabi executive council
  • Interpret and clarify relevant laws to SSA and any new legislation and their impact on SSA
  • Coordinate all the legal casework (using in-house and external resources as necessary) in the event of any dispute
  • Provide support to organizational units in the development and implementation and compliance of their organizational units’ internal policies and procedures with the relevant legislations
  • Deliver, design and implement any required improvements in communication, monitoring of legal standards within SSA
  • Stay up to date on pending laws, industry changes, trends and best practices, assessing the potential impact of these changes on SSA activities
  • Develop, maintain and update legal and administrative databases


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