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Finance and Contracts Section Head

Job Summary

  • Participate in the development of the Support Services Division’s strategic objectives and plan by compiling inputs and feedback
  • Participate in the periodic reviews of existing policies and procedures to achieve operational efficiency
  • Support in overseeing the operational performance of the division against the set objectives and KPIs on a regular basis. Approve the use of corrective action, as necessary and escalate any issues to the Support Services Division Head
  • Promote innovation, collaboration between divisions and the use of technology
  • Oversee the implementation of and adherence to policies and procedures applicable to the section



  • Lead the collection of budget forecasts and inputs from the organizational units in line with strategies, policies and frameworks adopted for the development of financial plans and budgets
  • Oversee the budget allocations at the section level to ensure full budget compliance, detect any deviation from the set plan in time, and take corrective action when necessary, in line with the governance process
  • Oversee the development of the consolidated budget and its review and obtain necessary internal approvals on budget proposals
  • Submit the internally approved budget proposals for approval and provide all clarifications needed during the budget review process
  • Oversee the budget allocation for the approved budgets in coordination with the strategy team and obtain management approval in the allocations
  • Oversee the budget upload process and prepare budget upload combinations
  • Oversee the design and implementation of the financial reporting system to ensure effective, systematic and accurate reporting of all financial information
  • Oversee the development of implementation mechanisms and key performance indicators required to apply financial controls, comply with approved budgets, and adhere to policies and standards to protect SSA from financial risks
  • Monitor the financial performance by developing and tracking key performance indicators, and ensuring that financial risks are mitigated and taken into account by implementing cost control activities
  • Oversee the development of budget discrepancy reports and financial reports that illustrate those discrepancies, and showcasing budget deficits and new budget items, and ensure that differences are escalated and plans are set to address them
  • Oversee the development and implementation of risk scenarios, frameworks and models that may affect SSA’s financial management activities, and prepare contingency plans respectively, including risk response and crisis management procedures
  • Oversee accounting activities related to payroll and ensure their regular implementation in accordance with government standards and in compliance with the policies and procedures in force
  • Manage the maintenance of financial records and ensure it is continuously updated in accordance with policies and procedures
  • Manage the preparation for the external audit review and provide all necessary information requested by the auditor.
  • Manage the preparation for the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority and provide all necessary information requested by ADAA.
  • Manage the development and maintenance of relationships with vendors
  • Manage the processes, policies and procedures for the development and administration of SSA’s contracts in line with procurement processes, policies and procedures, and in accordance with government standards
  • Manage the procurement and bids process including the preparation of requests for proposals, evaluation and selection of vendors, negotiation and signature of contracts
  • Manage the relationship with external vendors, ensure periodic evaluation of their services against contract requirements and business needs, and ensure compliance with contractual requirements
  • Manage the design and implementation of knowledge management exchange sessions in the finance and contracts field with subordinates to help build their capacity and enhance their skills
  • Identify skill gaps in the Finance and Contracts section, and supervise the development of specialized programs to overcome these gaps and improve finance and procurement expertise in the section
  • Ensure that regular data and reports are provided to the Support Services Division Head, and recommend operational improvements required for support in planning, decision-making and continuous improvement
  • Monitor the monthly and quarterly performance results and identify gaps and their consequences, and supervise the development of corrective actions required to resolve the root causes of these gaps
  • Lead the consolidate and submit the Finance and Contracts section budget for review and approval
  • Promote the use of technological resources and interdepartmental cooperation
  • Adhere to all finance and procurement laws and Government circulars /directions .


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