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Job Summary

We are currently looking for a Design Manager with a minimum of 10 years mixed use experience in the management of the design.

  • Projects are generally of a mixed-use development nature with a vision in alignment with the economic development and tourism strategy for Qatar.
  • Typically the projects will comprise of residential, hospitality and retail components and includes all marine, utilities infrastructure, roads, bridges, landscaping and public realm.


In this role, you are required to provide the interface between project ownership and delivery. You are required to act as the single focal point of contact between the Client, consultants and the Construction Contractor(s), ensuring the desired project objectives are delivered. You must have adequate knowledge and information about the business and the project in order to make informed value-add decisions for both the Client and the Company.

Further, you are expected to conduct yourself in line with the core values of the business and lead by example in maintaining the Faithful+Gould culture:

  • Integrity – we act with honesty and integrity in everything we do
  • Client service – we are dedicated to creating value and delivering service excellence
  • Teamwork – we work together to achieve common goals
  • Innovation – we strive to deliver innovative solutions
  • Commitment – our people are our strength and we value the Faithful+Gould family and community


You will be responsible for at least the following areas and duties in your role:


  • Implement an appropriate and effective project or programme management framework, incorporating necessary review processes as required
  • Define and implement criteria for control and management of the project
  • Co-ordinate and direct end-user input throughout the project lifecycle
  • Appraise options and submit to the Client for approval
  • Secure resources and expertise from the Client as required, e.g. appoint professional advisers to support the project sponsor role
  • Co-ordinate the value management strategy
  • Manage project budget, including risk allowance
  • Monitor and control changes/variations following approval by Client

Risk Management

  • Determine and manage risks that may affect the project in any way, particularly schedule, budget or quality/specifications
  • Facilitate effective communication and action as sole point of contact between the Client and site delivery team
  • Assist the design team and site delivery team to identify and resolve problems


  • Co-ordinate and foster teamwork between all project stakeholders
  • Manage the design and site delivery team’s performance of delegated responsibilities
  • Establish an effective and universal strategy to address major issues that may arise with the site delivery team
  • Ensure the site delivery team receives the necessary stakeholder decisions in a timely fashion
  • Establish a mechanism to ensure collaborative problem solving with the site delivery team, which will involve regular dialogue with contractors, team working and risk-sharing


  • Practice sound people management principles to ensure that the team of Faithful+Gould staff, contractors works well and provides a supportive environment for the achievement of project and individual objectives
  • Manage the welfare and motivation of Faithful+Gould direct reports, such as Assistant Project Managers and Administration Assistants and provide leadership, guidance and encouragement
  • Plan for and undertake annual performance reviews in line with Faithful+Gould processes

Contract Management

  • Negotiate and convert contracts as required by the project
  • Oversee the award of contracts and ensure the client is adequately protected
  • Chair meetings and ensure minutes are actioned in a timely manner
  • Provide timely regular and accurate reporting on the project progress, costs and quality as determined by the Business Manager
  • Accurately check and sign-off on all payment certificates and invoices
  • Ensure accurate finalisation of client accounts, provide substantiated recommendations for variations and ensure contractors and consultants are paid in accordance with contract schedules

Client Management

  • Look for opportunities to improve the client’s position in regard to return and value
  • Identify and resolve disputes quickly and reasonably
  • Develop and maintain good relationships with client representatives, consultants, contractors and adjoining property owners
  • Manage and coordinate the project handover phase with contractors, client contractors, tenants and building managers


  • Receive and review detailed reports on the project from the site delivery team
  • Establish formal reporting arrangements on project progress for the Client and Company
  • Maintain up-to-date project site sheets and resumes for the project team for use by the Company

Business Development

  • In addition to your project role, as a representative of the Company, you will use your best endeavours to communicate potential business development opportunities to the Company and to actively promote the interests of the Company within the industry.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assist in the RFP process for prequalification of architectural/engineering services and participate in the negotiation of design contracts
  • Advise on the need to appoint consultants and in conjunction with Client develop the scope of services for each consultant.
  • Advise the Client on the need for additional studies, reviews, research, investigations, surveys, tests or the like.
  • Prepare a list of select consulting firms with proven capabilities and resources and issue pre-qualification documents to them and make a recommendation of a short list of consultants.
  • Request Client approval to a final short list of invitees.
  • Prepare a brief for various consultants based on the program scope, budget and time objectives and requirements provided by Client.
  • Prepare and issue invitations for Consultants to submit proposals as per Client approved procedures.
  • Respond to questions and queries raised during the tender period and circulate the questions and answers to all the vendors.
  • Review proposals received from the vendors, evaluate content and offer, prepare a detailed report and make recommendations for appointment for Client’s review.
  • Monitor the performance of all architectural and engineering firms for work related to project, emphasizing on-time and on-budget performance and monitoring compliance with Design Guidelines and contract terms.
  • Monitor the development of the overall design process from conceptual design through schematic and detailed/contract documents.
  • Perform design reviews throughout the design process from conceptual design through schematic and detailed/contract documents.
  • Review the Design Consultants cost estimates and conduct ongoing constructability reviews to successfully meeting the schedules and program budgets.
  • Monitor submittals by the design consultants to obtain approvals and permits necessary by all regulatory agencies and local authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Implement Design to budget requirement in all appropriate RFP’s and contracts for design services. Monitor compliance with Design to Budget standards.
  • Promptly inform in writing of any event or situation that the likely effect of which would be to vary the scope of the Program; and or change its quality, content or function.
  • Schedule the submission of the design, in stages if appropriate, to Client and request his approval thereto. Advise Client in the event that the design indicates that compromises are necessary between particular objectives and requirements of Project. Schedule the Design activities in the Master Schedule to include reasonable periods Client approvals.
  • Monitor the dissemination of design information among the Program Team in timely manner such that abortive work is avoided or minimized as much as practicable.
  • Monitor the performance of the Design Consultant and other consultants in respect of the deliverables associated with the agreed Design Program and provide immediate advice to Client in the event their progress may affect the program overall completion date or milestone objectives together with recommended remedial action.
  • Monitor statutory authority approval processes. Prepare a standard NOC (no objection certificates) register to be prepared and updated by all consultants and contractors.
  • Schedule the Design to allow reasonable periods for Client approvals, any Municipality Permits, No objection Certificates, and other statutory approvals


  • This position requires professional ability and inherent motivation.
  • You have the skills required to direct meetings, introduce discussion to encourage thinking on the wider commercial context and be responsible for the tasks assigned to members of your project team.
  • You are willing and able to perform duties diligently to the quality standards set by the Company and conform to the Company’s policies and business systems and be committed to their implementation and continuous improvement at all times.


  • You will operate within the constraints of the particular contract for which you have been appointed.
  • You will have financial delegations for the Company in accordance with the financial authorities established by the Company, and as amended from time to time.

Skills and Attributes

You are expected to:

  • Apply quality management principles and processes
  • Apply risk assessment and management principles and processes
  • Network effectively, negotiate well and influence people, broker relationships with stakeholders within and outside the project
  • Be aware of the broader environmental, social and economic perspectives and how they may affect the project
  • Support and provide leadership to your project team.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for this position are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or Engineering
  • 10+ years full time paid professional experience managing the facilities design, or the planning and coordination of capital projects that included the overall design, contract administration, cost estimating, and scheduling activities
  • Ability to build consensus among multiple stakeholders
  • Active leadership style
  • Experience with LEED/Estidama
  • Middle East experience required.

Rewards and Benefits

We offer an excellent package which includes

  • A competitive salary
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Annual leave
  • Medical and life insurance cover
  • Company gratuity scheme
  • Discretionary bonus scheme
  • Annual flight allowance to point of origin
  • Employee Assistance Programme – 24 hour free advice on financial, legal and family care specialists and also access to personal health, fitness and nutrition consultants


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